FDOT Approved Hardware Vendor: HW-FL-001

Bolt and Nut, Inc. Philosophy

Our philosophy of business is to hire the most qualified personnel and then develop them into the Bolt & Nut, Inc. family. Currently, our Inside and Outside Sales staff has over 100 years of combined fastener experience. With the knowledge, experience and understanding of our industry Bolt & Nut, Inc. meets each request and challenge in a way that best serves our clients’ needs. We work hard each day to protect and enhance our clients’ reputations, which in turn protects ours.

We coach to instill integrity and honesty in the process of conducting our business. Bolt & Nut, Inc. would rather our clients know the truth than to tell you what you want to hear and run the risk of damaging our business relationship. Business is not perfect and there are no perfect people or companies. We train our employees, with the best information available, to give our clients realistic and honest expectations, then working diligently to meet those expectations.

We believe in Teamwork. From our suppliers to us to our clients and then to their clients, we will work together as a cohesive group to bring success to the finished project. By doing this, we hope to develop great relationships and the desire to partner together again on future projects.

We desire to be a manufacturing distributor that is willing to be set apart as a Leader in the construction and maintenance fastener industry. We pursue this by providing quality products, expediting deliveries and continual follow through until the client is completely served.

We know that the foundational structure of our society and economy is bolted by each individual hard working family. For the men and women who work diligently at Bolt & Nut, Inc., we as a company value their efforts and commitment to providing for their families as we work together to establish Bolt & Nut, Inc. as the fastener manufacturer and distributor of choice to our current and future clients.